Geoff Stirling

GeoffreyW. Stirling, who, at 90, is as vibrant and forward thinking as he was when The Herald began in 1946.

The legend of our magazine’s founder, Geoffrey W. Stirling, is one that is truly larger than life. Now 90, Stirling, truly the last of the media mavericks in Canada, has lived ‘a movie’ that could only be described as an epic blockbuster, filled with more twists and turns than a Hitchcockian thriller.

A member of the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Royal St. John’s Regatta Hall of Fame and the CanadianAssociation ofBroadcasters Hall of Fame, Stirling, from his early days, was a visionary figure. Even now, when you talk to him, that vision hasn’t dimmed. In an era where Canadian media conglomerates in this country are the norm, Stirling is truly the last of the independents.

When you look back at what he has done for the Newfoundland media landscape alone, he has been an innovator, a pioneer, and there’s no denying that he did it his own way. That’s the business side of Geoff Stirling. But there’s another side. Perhaps no bigger event of Stirling’s life, from an outsider’s perspective, could have been when he sat down with a Beatle, on his own terms.

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Geoffrey William Stirling - Canadian Businessman
Stirling Communication International - Geoff Stirling
Geoff W Stirling - A Family Man
Newfoundland Broadcasting Company Ltd
Today’s Best Music!  Launched by Geoff Stirling on June 15th, 1977.
NTV – CANADA’S SUPERSTATION Geoff Stirling launched in 1955…now available in millions of homes across Canada.


Newfoundland’s #1 Magazine, founded by Geoff Stirling on May 12, 1946, the Herald is a weekly magazine with “a little something for everyone”.

Geoff Stirling – Chairman of the Board of Stirling Communications International – broadcaster, printer, publisher, author and film maker – will be best remembered for his spectacular career as a broadcaster.

Born in St. John’s Newfoundland in 1921, Geoff’s professional career began in 1946 when he founded The Sunday Herald, in St. Johns. After Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949, Geoff launched St. Johns’ second commercial radio station – CJON. In 1955. he launched St. Johns’ first television station CJON-TV.

Geoff then turned his attention westward, with new broadcasting enterprises that included CKGM Montreal (1959), CKWW Windsor, Ontario (1964) CKPM Ottawa (1964), CHOM-FM Montreal (1965), CJOM-FM Windsor (1966) and KSWW Arizona (1967).

Back in Newfoundland, Geoff built CJCN-TV in Grand Falls (1965). CJOX-TV, Grand Bank (1966), CJCR- TV Gander (1974), CJWN-TV Corner Brook (1974) and in 1977 set-up the OZ FM Radio Network throughout Newfoundland. CJON-TV has been acclaimed as being the first 24-hour television broadcaster in North America.

Over the years, Geoff’s service to the community as a broadcaster has resulted in millions being raised for Newfoundland charities. Geoff, himself, has received many honours throughout his career from many distinguished organizations, including the New York Writers Association, the California Film Board and the New Delhi Film Board.

In 2001, Geoffrey W. Stirling was inducted into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame.